Hosting TOS

IsaacTech Hosting Terms Of Service

It is important that as you use IsaacTech Hosting, you are agreeing to set rules which makes IsaacTech Hosting safe for everyone!

user safety

By using IsaacTech Hosting you are agreeing to not:

  1. Leak the IP of people that visit your website/server.

  1. Display any NSFW content/links on your server.

  2. Take part in distributing any malware via files or links on your server.

  3. Sending DDOS attacks to any server/service that uses IsaacTech Hosting.

  4. Using Crypto Mining software on your servers.

  5. Using any other software on your server than the software set by us.

  6. Leaking anyone's personal information.

  7. Hosting any illegal stuff/taking apart in illegal activities on your server.

  8. Phishing/Scamming. (Asking users for their passwords, debit card details & login info)

  9. Attempting to bypass any of our security systems.

  10. Resell your servers to other people.

  11. All purchases of servers are final, no refunds or chargebacks or you will be blocked from using our services. (Feel free to cancel a server subscription by emailing our support team.

  12. No committing illegal activities, we don't want to be providing services to criminals.

Please note that the above terms of service may change at any time without any notification, please make sure to review these terms of service often.

Failing to follow the above terms of service will result in your server being suspended with no ability to request a refund or access any files that were on your server.

Remember that a moderator can suspend your server if they suspect you are breaking one of the many rules above, you can appeal by emailing although most moderation actions are final and appealing may not result in you getting your server back.